Brand Shoots

I deliver a totally customized experience, and because we've crafted your brand in step 1 and done the work, you’ll walk away with everything you need to market your brand online. Making you ready to be seen as that go-to expert, attract your dream clients & income!

Trust me, this is not your average brand shoot

You’ll get: 
Clear brand stories and messaging
Brand strategy
Content strategy
Marketing content
Website images
Website welcome videos
Lead generation videos
Social media content

My clients have seen an 80% INCREASE IN SALES, more than DOUBLED opt-in rates across their social platforms and attracted more ideal clients to their business.

Brand PACKAGEs start at $997

You are your brand 
Together let's make it shine!

Here's how it works

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dig deep into your brand 





Ready to take the next step?

This is your opportunity to ask me anything about your brand and social media marketing plan. We will connect on video chat. I look forward to seeing your smiling, shinning face!

Once you've signed the paperwork and made it official, I'll send you the WAVE WYLD WORKBOOK. This is where we go into the 3 step process and start creating your dream brand!

Not feeling confident in front of the camera? That's my jam! We will build that confidence together. I'll help you get into model mode and feel ready to take on the world.



Together we create a marketing strategy to leverage your brand with the content we've created! 

Still Wondering About my Process?


Professional, high quality visual content sets you apart from the crowd! Custom photos can help to increase audience engagement, referrals and grow your business and increase profits. Check out my testimonials and read my blog for more information on the benefits of brand photography.

How will an investment like this help my business?

Creating authentic images that tell your story to help connect with your target audience. More than just a headshot, personal brand images display your passions, your why and heart behind your business. Connection is key in today’s market to create trust and loyalty with clients. Successful personal brand images help to form a network of people who will advocate and recommend you to others.

What is personal brand photography?

Images can be used to advertise you and your services on your website, blog posts, social media or printed materials. More importantly, we will create a marketing strategy to use your content to leverage your brand. So if you feel lost and overwhelmed in your social media game, I got your back!

How do I use my personal brand images?

Entrepreneurs, lifestyle bloggers, authors, coaches, yoga teachers, online educators, health and wellness professionals such as personal trainers and  nutritionists, small business owners, public figures, the list is endless!

What types of people use personal brand photography?

I live far away from you. Are you willing to travel to my location?

You will receive a gorgeous, online image gallery within 7 business days. There you will be able to proof, download and share your images all in one place.

what do your packages include?

You betcha! I'm happy to travel anywhere on this beautiful planet. Check out my travel schedule! If you would like me to come visit you - My fees do not include travel expenses and those can discussed upon inquiry. I also welcome you to come visit me in the beautiful, vibrant city of Toronto, CA.

WHEN do I receive my digital NEGATIVES?

Packages include the Wave Wyld Workbook, video brand consultation, hundreds of images, commercial usage license, location scouting, transportation, high resolution digital negatives, web gallery and more!

That will depend on your brand and and the types of environment we photograph in. It’s important to feel comfortable in your wardrobe choices and I encourage you to be your authentic self. Check my blog for more information on this topic.

What type of clothing should I wear?

This depends on your brand and the type of content we create. Multiple locations may be used or we could be one spot. Most commonly I photograph in people’s homes or businesses. We could be indoors or outdoors. It’s all up to you!

Where do PHOTOSHOOTS take place?

 Do I really need to show my face on social media?

YES! Connection is key and customers want to know who they are buying from. Displaying your beautiful face will make an immediate personal connection and building relationships leads to trust.

 I am not photogenic and camera shy. How can I deal with this?

Being photogenic is a learned skill like any other. I will help you all the way to feel comfortable and natural on camera. Story session photoshoots often feel like friends handing out.  Stiff poses are not allowed and I promise to make you laugh and giggle!

What Clients are Asking

My story

This is what I hear from 95% of the women I work with, and it breaks my heart. I get it girl! As a child, I was an introvert. I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn’t fit in and felt uncomfortable in groups. This had a huge negative impact on my self-esteem and confidence. I dealt with this by using photography as a way to hide behind the camera. It was a safe place for me. I used the time spent reading books and National Geographic ways as inspiration and fuel to leave the small town life I had only known.

After 4 years of back packing around the world and playing with point and shoot cameras, I officially and formally studied photography and video production, but the feelings of low self worth slowly crept back in. After many years of personal development and a yoga practice I experienced a transformational event that propelled me to complete a 180 change in my mindset. I felt sick of not living up to the potential I deeply believed I had. I wanted to help inspire and empower women who were challenged with confidence issues, like I had been. It’s been a journey and I’m far from perfect, because who wants to be perfect anyways?!

My mission (and I take it seriously) is to do more than capture pretty pictures during your brand photoshoot -- my goal is to help you embrace all that you are, to feel your most confident on camera, so that your visibility EXPLODES and more people see and experience your important gifts.

This may sound like a big promise, but helping women realize their inner confidence is what I live for. Let’s make magic together!

Have you thought, “I’m not photogenic,” or “I hate having my picture taken?”